What People Are Saying

What Do People Say About Kate McCauley and the Center For Parents & Teens?

“Kate’s passion for improving the lives of teens and the effectiveness of parents’ interactions with them shines through her interactions with both populations. She “gets” teens and warmly communicates her genuine belief in their value and their capacity to learn and grow. Her own experience raising teens enables her to offer strategies and perspective to parents that feel “real” and not just idealistic. As a result, she is able to help teens and their parents understand how the teen’s brain works, what motivates them, and what their behaviors are really communicating. Her positive spirit embraces each person and helps set them on a path toward healing and more meaningful relationships with one another.”  —  Sonia Quinonez, MSW, Executive Director, SCAN of Northern Virginia  /  www.scanva.org

“I have found Kate to be one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers that I have encountered in my career.

What I think Kate does really well is that she creates a safe environment for kids to talk about the pressures and challenges that they experience around drugs and alcohol. She cultivates a conversation and dialogue with them that is grounded in the realities of their peer life. She then uses that information in talking to parents both based on her extensive training and what she’s hearing from kids about what they need from the adults in their lives.”   — Elinor Scully, Head of School, The Langley School

“Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of (our) School. The evening went so well last night and the feedback has been very positive. You were masterful at taking many of the ideas and concepts that we had discussed and weave them into your program. You are very impressive and I am sure many parents left last night’s event feeling it was truly time well spent. Thank you.” — Mary Speyer, parent organizer

“I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation. Most people come and lecture us and tell us not to do things. You talked about logical reasons and you understood about us. This was really good for us to hear right now.” –– 10th grade Student Participant

“I remembered what you said last year, and I think about what my parents have said, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I didn’t want to screw everything up.” –– Second year student participant about choosing not to use alcohol or drugs