Inhalants — A Secret Issue

From The Virginia Inhalant Abuse Prevention Coalition

Inhalant abuse is prevalent particularly among middle school youth, because:

  • youth often believe it’s just air that can’t hurt them or that it’s not an illegal drug;
  • inhalants are easy to use and the internet teaches youth how to use them;
  • inhalants are commonly found in every home;
  • many parents aren’t aware of the problem; and
  • inhalant use is fairly difficult to detect unless someone is specifically familiar with the signs and is looking for them.

Inhalant abuse is particularly dangerous because:

  • inhalants are toxic poisons that can kill, even the first time they are used;
  • use typically begins in elementary or middle school;
  • youth may become addicted to inhalant use;
  • inhalant use kills brain cells, so prolonged use can result in irreversible brain injury; and
  • youth who use inhalants are more likely to move on to use other drugs.

For more information on the Conference, please see the attached flyer or find more detailed descriptions of its content at:

For more information on inhalants and their use, please visit:

Ÿ and select Virginia Parent Training




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