Resources for Parents


Keeping our Sense of Humor


Daily Comic Strip BY Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

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Podcasts and other audio links

Kate McCauley:   interview on Parenting Today   “Talking About Tough Topics”  13:38

Frances Jensen:  TED MED 2010  (start at 11:20 for teen brain information)

Daniel Siegel:  “Brainstorm:  The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain”  51:26  on Diane Rehm NPR

Frances Jensen: “Why Teens are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone, and Should Protect Their Brains”  38:12 on Fresh Air with Terry Gross


Recommended Books 

Brainstorm     by: Dan Siegel, MD

The Teenage Brain:  A neuroscientist’s survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults    by:  Frances Jensen, MD

The Shelter of Each Other     &     Reviving Ophelia        by:  Mary Pipher, PhD

The Second Family (Teens)      &     Parenting by Heart    by:  Ron Taffel, PhD with Melinda Blau

Staying Connected to Your Teenager   by:  Michael Riera, PhD

The Wonder of Boys    &   The Wonder of Girls   &      A Fine Young Man        by:  Michael Gurian


Useful Websites (Developmental Assets for Adolecents (age 12 -18) (raising digital kids) Surgeon General’s Call to Action Family Guide (sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug Free America) Monitoring the Future 2014 (National Institute of Health) (A site designed for younger teens. Explore it with them)

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