Thinking About Teen Drinking

MYTH: Teen Drinking is Inevitable

FACT: No, It’s not.

When the adults in their lives say “no,” kids often listen. Research shows they are very interested in why you want them to curb their behavior, and that’s why knowing the facts is important. When you help them understand the benefits and dangers, you give them reasons they can stand by to say “no” in social settings with their friends. >>More Myths & Facts

What You Should Do

  1. Don’t Give Up – Kids need good information to make healthy decisions—give it to them.
  2. Get The Facts and Share Them – Drinking and driving is not the only risk kids take. Alcohol inhibits brain development and leads to increased rates of sexual activity.
  3. Stay in the Game – No one says it’s easy—for you or them. Stay relevant in their lives so you can share information that will help them make good choices, and be prepared to learn about the challenges they face . No young adult comes back and says “thanks for getting out of the way and letting me make bad choices.” They will thank you for being strong. Even other adults often need to know the facts, know how to talk to your adult peers on the subject as well.

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