I just want to try it, I’m not going to become a pot head.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who is a pot head started out planning to become one.  There is no predictor of who is going to become dependent on marijuana.  We know what it looks like once they get there.  They generally are willing to sacrifice the things they previously cared about and focus most of their energy on getting high.

They sacrifice

  • excellence in academics,
  • excellence in sports,
  • their non-using friendships,
  • relationships with their families

Are there successful students who get high?  Absolutely.  Are they likely to do better if they DON’T get high — of course.  Can we be confident that you are going to be one of students who doesn’t become dependent?  Absolutely not.

That’s why I don’t want you to use marijuana.
Now let’s talk about what the consequences might be if you do.

“If you’re tempted to (drink alcohol or) smoke pot, please let’s talk about it.  I want you to hold off while your beautiful brain is still developing.”

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